Big Cans

The last site is the Big Cans. The big cans can be seen outside the plant. The people do not know what inside these big cans of theirs. The people say that these are can with full of soft drinks. But according to my uncle, what inside is the raw water from the deep well which will goes to the treating water to make water which can be drunk and move to the process to make soft drinks. These cans make Santa Rosa know because it is beside the tollgate of Santa Rosa.

Big Cans that Welcome Commuter in Santa Rosa Exit

These cans help the Santa Rosa know for the tourist. The tourist will feel renewed because they see big cans of soft drinks. These help the tourism of Santa Rosa. These also help commuters when they get lost. They when they see these big can when they enters the Exit means like “You are in Santa Rosa.” Aside from being a guide to commuters, it also welcomes them to Santa Rosa. It serves as the first “tourist spot” they will see. These will make the tourist in good mood to enter Santa Rosa.

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